North White Plains is a suburban neighborhood located in the city of White Plains. It’s one among many neighborhoods that make up this great place called New York.

The North White Plains neighborhood is more expensive than 72.5% of the neighborhoods in New York and 90%. This means that homes here sell for $770,614 on average–a lot higher price compared to other places around us.

The cost of renting in North White Plains is higher than the average for New York but still reasonable. The rent on an apartment here will set you back about $3.26K per year, and that doesn’t include electricity or water bills.

A lot can be said about how much people are paying when they choose to live somewhere else; one thing’s certain though it isn’t cheap compared with other neighborhoods around town where dwellers face greater expenses just because these places have more amenities available at their fingertips (groceries store).

The North White Plains neighborhood real estate market has a mix of single-family homes and small apartments. The majority are medium-sized properties with three or four bedrooms, while there are also some smaller living spaces to choose from, such as studios and two-bedroom units that suit renters on a budget more closely related to the area they live in.

The North White Plains neighborhood in the Town of White Plains is home to a number of older, well-established homes. Built between 1940 and 1969 for those who lived there before then or have been purchased by current residents over time as their family grew with children moving out on their own into bigger houses farther away from the town center, which explains why so many properties exist within this one small area alone.

The North White Plains neighborhood in America has more South American and Brazilian ancestry people living in it than nearly any other place on earth. In fact, over 15% of this area’s residents are descended from ancestors who originate with those two countries combined.

The diversity in North White Plains is one of its most interesting aspects. Significantly, 2.1% of residents five years old and above primarily speak Portuguese at home; this percentage may seem small, but it’s higher than 97% of other neighborhoods across America.

The North White Plains neighborhood in White Plains, NY is home to many different types of jobs. 57% percent are employed as executives, managers, and professionals. The second most important occupational group here you’ll find sales representatives from major accounts or working at fast-food restaurants. Other residents follow manufacturing laborer positions followed closely by clerkly/tech support roles.

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