Popcorn and Textured Ceiling Removal

5 Reasons to Choose Professional Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Do you look up at your popcorn ceiling every day and wonder how to get it off? You are one among many. The textured treatment was to assist in the absorption of sounds from the floor above and to disguise defects.

Any amount of asbestos is harmful, ranging from 1% to 10%. White asbestos used to be a component of this spray-on or paint-on cover coating, Styrofoam paper-based products took over after the 1970s.

Depending on the sort of chemical used, removing it on your own can become a much more difficult task, which is where House Painter Today comes in. Textured, cottage cheese, and stucco ceilings are some of the names for popcorn ceilings or covers.

There are various reasons to remove popcorn ceilings in your home, regardless of what you call them. If you need professional popcorn removal, check out House Painter Today. We are experienced painters that will meticulously make your home beyond your expectations. Let us do the hard work and paint your interior or exterior to perfection!

Read on to learn of five top reasons to choose us for professional popcorn ceiling removal.

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1. To Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Asbestos, a recognized carcinogen, is commonly found in popcorn covers. It is trapped inside the cover material most of the time. However, asbestos can be breathed after it gets airborne, and this is when it becomes dangerous. Throughout the removal, the chances of asbestos getting airborne are highest. In addition to asbestos, your cover could contain lead. Having it removed by experienced House Painter Today protects you and your loved ones from asbestos exposure and lead poisoning.

Even worse, you could have textured ceilings that have water damage! What could be worse than a dripping ceiling? As much as this is unsightly, it is also dangerous and can be harmful to your family. Not only can mold be present, but the asbestos could become exposed and harm your family’s health.

water damage and popcorn ceiling

Save Yourself Pain and Stress by Avoiding Injury

Removing a popcorn cover is a time-consuming task requiring standing on a ladder for long periods. Unless you are used to manual work, working on a ladder for a long time and your head facing up at some angle while your hands are raised is not a walk in the park.

But, removing the material is only half of the job; you must also adorn the roof cover after removing it. Hiring an expert to conduct the job can save you time and avoid injury.

Types of Textured Ceilings and Walls

  • Mud Swirl Texture
  • Spray Sand
  • Sheetrock Texture
  • Slapbrush
  • Orange Peel
  • Skim Coating
  • Skip Trowel
  • Stippled
  • Swirl
  • Lace
  • Knockdown
mud swirl ceiling texture removal

4. Experts Have Tools and Skills

Our Experience speaks volumes

When removing a popcorn ceiling, the correct instrument gadgets are required. However, you are unlikely to use those tools once the cover has been removed. We already have the gear needed to remove it, and the price is significantly less than the cost of buying those tools and removing the cover yourself. We are experienced, and we will remove any asbestos correctly.

professional textured ceiling removal
5. Stay out of an Uncomfortable Situation

Do you live in the United States? It is highly recommended that you contact a professional for this project to safeguard your safety and prevent potential legal complications. Because asbestos and its components have already been outlawed in the United States, non-licensed persons and businesses may be held accountable for their activities. Furthermore, rules such as the Clean Air Act dictate the specific process for removal.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Cost

If you are wondering how to get rid of a popcorn ceiling, you should realize that it is a labor-intensive job that comes at a price. But, if you want to make some cosmetic modifications for a brighter look or are looking to sell your house, it may be time for a change.

Repairing Popcorn Ceiling

Homeowners can utilize a popcorn cover to add visual flair to their interiors while also soundproofing their rooms. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to restore the spikey ceiling once damaged. The main challenge is to match the original texture to create a popcorn ceiling patch that blends in with the rest of the ceiling.

Our team of specialists is prepared to restore your ceiling and offer the painting solutions you need for your property.

mud swirl ceiling texture

The Removal of the Ceiling Texture

The laborious and arduous removal process is one of the reasons why we do not recommend you remove yourself. Even though you will only be working on a room at a time, you will end up too exhausted to finish the removal for the whole house. You will have to quit putting the project on hold, resulting in more significant damage necessitating more professional assistance.

Bottom Line

The mud swirls are a relic of the past, and they serve no practical use in today’s home. You may remodel the interior of your home for a modern look and to lessen the risk of asbestos exposure.

The removal can be a nasty and time-wasting task. Without the necessary equipment and experience, there is a good possibility you will not be able to perform it correctly. Rather than all your effort producing a big mess, it is wise to consider using an experienced popcorn removal service to assist you in getting the job done correctly.

Hiring a professional ensures that the ceiling is not harmed, chemical exposure is avoided, and you will be doing significantly less work. An experienced firm with popcorn cover removal service will take over your textured ceiling removal. It should be well-equipped and possess staff with skills to efficiently and safely execute the task. You will only have to pay a fee and avoid many potential problems.

At House Painter Today, we make it our duty to offer a diverse range of services to fulfill the diverse demands of our clients, even the removal of fragile spiky ceilings. Our experienced professionals will beautify your home to your taste!

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