The median real estate price in this neighborhood is $597,262, which makes it more expensive than 58.6% of neighborhoods throughout New York and 83.5 percent across all states within America.

Fairview is a great place to live if you’re on a budget. With the average rental price at only $1,756 dollars per month, it’s easy for residents of all income brackets and backgrounds to find an affordable place in this neighborhood.

The beautiful and historic city of New York is a mecca for those who love culture. If you are looking to be within walking distance from so many great attractions, then look no further than Fairview – where the rents aren’t as high yet still provide an excellent value.

Fairview is a great place to live in White Plains, New York. It has urban amenities with schools and shops nearby as well. The real estate here ranges from medium-sized homes with three or four bedrooms to small studios that can be rented on an apartment complex’s floor and come equipped for cooking necessities such as dishware and cutlery.

There is a significant amount of residential real estate in the Fairview neighborhood that’s occupied by both owners and renters. The homes here tend to be older well established, with many being built between 1940-1969, while some others can also boast the 1970s or even 2000 as their year design inception.

The real estate market in this neighborhood is very competitive, which means that you’ll have to put up with lower than average vacancy rates. It also seems like there might be some demand for either price increases or new construction homes – but nothing’s certain yet.

This White Plains neighborhood is an example of how income can tell you a lot about your community. The residents here earn above-average wages and live in homes that are more likely to be worth than average – all factors which contribute towards feeling financially secure.

Working in Fairview is not just about the high concentration of professionals but also includes many other jobs. 31% percent or more are employed as executives and managers; sales workers account for around 30%. The neighborhood’s main occupation group consists mainly of clerks who work at desk computers with 18+/-2%, tech support specialists 15-18%. And lastly, there were those working on production lines.

The diverse population of this neighborhood speaks a variety of languages. The most common tongue spoken in the Fairview area is English, with 64% percent preferring to use it at home and around their family members, followed distantly by Spanish or French.

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