The Battle of White Plains Park is now a critical recreation space for all ages. In 1776, USA General George Washington and his army fought the British colonial troops here in what would be one among many battles that helped shape our country’s history.

The battle of White Plains was one in a series known as the American Revolution. On November 5, 1776, it determined whether America would remain an independent country or join Great Britain permanently to their side. With this historical event, many sites around New York City commemorate it, such as 76 Battle Avenue, which contains sporadic signage explaining moments from both sides, including how long they fought. One of them is the Battle of White Plains Park.

Washington chose this site to do battle because it was higher than any other land, giving him a strategic advantage. The park also offers an incredible view of the city below- White Plains. The 1.31-acre park has a children’s playground and two seating areas, one of which includes game tables so you can play while your kids enjoy themselves away from home.

Visit the Battle of White Plains Park at 76 Battle Avenue, White Plains, NY 10606 to learn more about this important historical event. The park also contains sporadic signage that explains critical moments in the battle, such as when George Washington led his troops into victory or how Cornwallis surrendered with full honors after two days without food or water.

This park is an integral part of White Plains history, established in 1976 as the country’s bicentennial projects were coming to fruition. It sits on top of Battle Avenue and Whitney Street with spectacular views over here at your back doorstep.

The Battle of White Plains Park is an excellent place to take history and enjoy some amenities. There are plenty of historical signs throughout, like the Plaza-like seating area with several game tables where you and your friends can play cards or board games while taking views from under your umbrella on hot days. The park also has trellised areas that provide shade during summer months when it’s too sunny outside–and even playgrounds for children.

The battlefield is not well-lit, and there are no restrooms or other amenities. The interpretive signs help to give some context about the battle, but they aren’t very informative on their own. The visitor can find all kinds of exciting things when visiting this historic site – what was once here will never be forgotten. 

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