The Hillside Ave neighborhood is more expensive than 46.8% of the neighborhoods in New York, which makes it a luxurious place to live with an average price tag close enough for most people’s budgets. The Hillside Ave neighborhood median real estate price is $461,191.

The cost of renting in this neighborhood is higher than 80.7% of the neighborhoods across New York City, with an average rental price on Hillside Ave currently at $3 300 per month for a one-bedroom apartment or townhouse unit.

Hillside Ave is a quiet neighborhood full of suburban life. It’s not very crowded, and the streets are well-maintained with plenty of space for cars to drive around freely without any interference from other people or vehicles.

The Hillside Ave neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for medium-sized homes with multiple rooms. The neighborhood has plenty of options when it comes down to choosing what type or size building your family will call their own, whether that’s an apartment complex on high-rise apartments where everyone shares one bathroom per unit.

The homes in this part of town are aged, with many being more than 40 years old. Many also predate the creation date given 1970-1999, which makes them an excellent candidate for restoration or re-development into modern living spaces.

Many of the homes in this part-residential neighborhood are older, well established, and time will not wear them down. The housing stock extends back to before World War II, with many residences built between 1940 – 1969 while others were built more recently. A large number of magnificent homes can also be found on Hillside Avenue, which has been called one of White Plains’, NY most beautiful communities.

Wealthy and well-to-do, the neighbors in this neighborhood are among those who live on Hillside Ave. With an average income higher than 92% of other American neighborhoods – not surprising considering its status as one fifteen percent (15%) wealthiest zip codes.

The Hillside Ave neighborhood in this city has a high concentration of professionals and managerial Workers at 48.5%. The second most important occupational group here are sales/service workers, who make up 20%. Other residents include manufacturing employees at 17%, which also includes laborer or construction-related jobs. There’s also 13% representing clerical assistants & tech support positions.

The diverse languages spoken by people in this neighborhood are tabulated as the ones they prefer to speak when at home with their families. The most common language heard on Hillside Ave is English, which accounts for 63%. Other important tongues include Spanish and Hindi-Urdu, among others.

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