When it comes to real estate, the Hall Ave / N Kensico Ave neighborhood is really something. This relatively expensive area has a median home value of $727K+ which beats out 69% percent for New York neighborhoods and 89% of U.S. neighborhoods.

The cost of renting in the Hall Ave / N Kensico Ave neighborhood is higher than 60.6% of other neighborhoods across New York, with an average rental price at $2,695 per month for a one-bedroom home or apartment.

When it comes to suburban neighborhoods, Hall Ave / N Kensico Ave is one of the more suburban areas. Located in White Plains, NY area, with a population density that’s less than most other parts across New York – this area has plenty going on for those who live there.

The Hall Ave / N Kensico Ave neighborhood is made up of medium-sized (three or four bedroom) to small apartments. The majority of the buildings in this area are mostly high-rise apartment complexes with some single-family homes scattered throughout them, but there’s also plenty more than just your average accommodations available.

The homes in this neighborhood were built between 1940 and 1969, with some dating back as far as World War II veterans can remember when they returned home after fighting for our country. These days you’ll find newer developments nearby where people live in large compounds alongside other families who share their profession or simple preference: being near work without having to deal with too much traffic noise every day.

The Hall Ave/N Kensico Ave neighborhood is an excellent place for carpoolers. In fact, 21% of residents here commute by means other than motor vehicles, and that rate exceeds the national average.

There’s a shortage of homes in this area which has led to an increase in real estate prices. The low vacancy rate indicates that there are plenty vying for properties, but not enough available, so those who want one must pay more than they should because demand outstrips supply.

Hall Ave / N Kensico Ave is a great community for college students. The neighborhood has plenty of amenities and services geared towards those attending school, making it an ideal location in which to reside while pursuing higher learning.

The Hall Ave/N Kensico Ave neighborhood is home to more people with South American and Dominican ancestry than nearly any other street in America. Over 14% of the residents here have roots from those two countries, which makes it easy for newcomers like you who might be interested.

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