The Nature Conservancy owns the Eugene and Agnes Meyer nature preserve, spanning 247 acres. Suppose you combine all of the paths; the perimeter trail will be roughly 5.5 miles long. Interestingly, there are two Meyer loops in the preserve: an upper and a lower Meyer loop.

The Meyer Foundation gave this area to The Nature Conservancy in 1973. In  1978, the Nature Conservancy purchased an extra sixteen acres of marsh in Armonk, New York.

The diversified preserve, which is of two different parcels, features various geologic types. It also showcases a significant concentration of vernal pools. Hemlock stands, deciduous woodland, and mountain laurel thickets cover rocky outcrops in the rough east parcel. In contrast, cliffs flank Byram Lake Reservoir.

Native grasses and wildflowers fill many meadows on the western part. They provide an ideal habitat for birds, animals, and insects. The red maple swamps and streams on both plots are home to various amphibian and reptile species.

Educationists come to Meyer Preserve for field excursions. Several bluebird boxes in the grasslands are monitored and maintained by local school groups. Botanical groups track and record unusual plant occurrences. At the same time, geology schools visit the park to study its unique glacial effect.

After parking at the bottom lot, walk for about 1/5 mile on the route before turning right up the cliff trail. After diverting from the Meyer property onto the Mt Kisco Watershed area, the course goes along a seasonal dry stream bed for about 400 feet.

The route continues downward before returning upward and turning left. An earlier trail offshoot is to the right, but it leads nowhere. White connection paths shorten any run.

The entire top perimeter loop begins on Oregon Rd and ends in the closed section of the same road. On the right side of the old road, about 150 yards down. You must maintain a close check on the entry during the summer since it might get unkempt.

You may continue down to the creek if you are making the entire perimeter loop (upper and lower Meyer Preserve). If you want to get back to the top loop, turn left at the intersection and proceed west. After climbing two minor hills, you will reach a pine forest, which will lead you back to the yellow trailhead. The length of the yellow loop is over a mile.

Are you prepared to go on your next walk or bike ride?  Eugene and the Agnes Meyer Preserve is the place to be. The height increase on the paths varies from 86 to 136 meters.

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