The median real estate prices in the City Center neighborhood are higher than most other neighborhoods in NY. The average house costs $801,166, which makes it more expensive than 71.4% of neighborhoods around theNew York City.

What does the average rental price in White Plains City Center look like? Well, it’s currently $3111. That means this neighborhood has a higher cost than 74% of other areas across New York.

The White Plains City Center is a popular neighborhood in the city of White Plains. It’s located on top urban density and has plenty to offer residents, like shops as well as industrial areas nearby that provide job opportunities for those who live there or work at one of these warehouses/businesses lined up side by their homes.

The City Center of White Plains is a great place to live in the suburbs. Smaller apartment buildings and single-family homes are mixed with larger high-rise apartments that offer more living space per square foot than most other areas do, making this an ideal destination for those looking at only buying their first home or trying out city life before deciding on something permanent.

The City Center neighborhood is home to many newer, more modern residential buildings. These structures account for the majority of renter-occupied homes here, most dating back no more than 2000 years ago, while others can be up until the 1940s when they were built.

The White Plains City Center neighborhood is one of the most unique in America because it has such a large proportion (93%) made up of apartment complexes and high-rise apartments. This makes this area stand out among all other neighborhoods for having more large residential structures than usual to offer its population size, which contributes heavily to making their way through life easy with everything they need right at hand.

Among the most interesting features about White Plains City Center is its high concentration and proportions for the small one, two, or no bedroom homes. Most neighborhoods have a mixture in sizes from large apartments to small houses, but here it’s near-record heights. This makes this area very unique compared to other places across America that share these same qualities because they don’t exist together to such an extent like what we see within our own country.

Walking to work is a real option for many in the White Plains City Center neighborhood, with 17.9% of residents choosing this route as their method of commute. It’s easy enough that you can get yourself prepared by wearing those comfortable shoes or riding your bike.

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