The W Post Rd / Quinby Ave community is a densely urban neighborhood located in White Plains, New York. This area has some of the most expensive homes around and also features many amazing amenities.

The neighborhood of W Post Rd / Quinby Ave is a luxurious area with high real estate prices. The median price of homes here is $685,726, which makes it more expensive than 66% percent of all areas in New York City.

W Post Rd / Quinby Ave is a wealthy neighborhood in White Plains area. The average rental price here currently stands at $3,969, and it’s higher than 90% of all other neighborhoods around New York.

W Post Rd / Quinby Ave is a community where you can find small to medium-sized apartment complexes and high-rise apartments. The neighborhood real estate has been primarily made up of these types of buildings, which provide home prices for residents that are high, and some are luxurious enough with their amenities such as rooftop pools.

The diverse housing in the W Post Rd / Quinby Ave neighborhood ranges from relatively historic homes to more recent construction. One thing is certain: this area has a lot going on with its variety. This areas residential real estate market nowadays includes not just renters but also buyers who want more than an apartment for themselves; this means that many houses on W Post Rd / Quinby Ave may be occupied by people living full-time elsewhere rather than permanently commutes from outside agencies like employment offices.

From the hardest-working employees to those who keep our cities running smoothly, sales and service workers are a fundamental part of what makes communities great. The W Post Rd / Quinby Ave neighborhood stands out since this area has more sales and service workers than 96% percent of all other neighborhoods throughout America could ever hope to.

The W Post Rd / Quinby Ave neighborhood is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in America. The perfect community for those who love to stroll through town and explore what’s going on around them, this area features small businesses with unique offerings as well as restaurants that are perfect date spots or family-friendly eateries.

W Post Rd / Quinby Ave is an upper-middle-income neighborhood in White Plains, making it a great place to live with higher rates of childhood poverty. This area has 22% children who live below the federal poverty line.

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