White Plains, NY area has more than its fair share of entertaining options, but if you want a truly unique experience, it’s best to try the Puzzle Parlour. This escape room and live-action adventure will bring all your fears back into reality as they challenge themselves with puzzles designed just for this type of setting. So do not hesitate: go on an exciting journey now.

Imagine you’re in a room with your friends and family, all working together to solve puzzles. The only thing more interesting than this experience would be if it were real. Puzzle Parlour offers unique team-building exercises where participants need each other’s help, whether they are part of an individual group or work alongside coworkers for some added fun (and competition). You’ll have tasks like completing objectives by yourselves but also coming up against missions that require collaborative effort – which means there will always be someone else waiting on their turn at the puzzle.

You’ll only have 60 minutes to escape from the room. The puzzles are designed so that you can’t see them coming, but if it’s anything like most people’s visit, there will be clues around for finding items and figuring out how they work together to solve these brain-hunting challenges.

All of the games are private, and they never add anyone else to your game. They do offer the option for an emergency exit, so you can leave at any time if something dire happens. The minimum age requirement in the Puzzle Parlour is 14 without an adult companion. You must be above 16 to participate as a watching guest; however, if you have younger kids in your care who would enjoy playing too, then, by all means, come on down. At the Puzzle Parlour, they know it’s not really about “helping out” because they’ll only allow eight guests per room at most, so don’t worry. You won’t get bored sitting around doing nothing while watching these little ones have extraordinary times.

The Parlour wants you to succeed. While exploring The Puzzle Parlour, your Game Master will watch and listen from the Control Room. If ever in need of help or guidance, ask for 100 clues–no matter what amount is perfect for this adventure.

You and your family or friends can challenge yourselves to a new adventure at the Puzzle Parlour. We offer an entertaining center with many fun things for everyone, including challenges that will keep you on your toes. You can visit the Puzzle Parlour at 131 Court St., White Plains, NY 10601. 

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