The 700-acre Saxon Woods Park is a colonial gem offering visitors many opportunities for fun. The land had different names in its history, but now it’s most commonly known as Saxton Forest or even just “Saxon.” The forest was first owned by William Saxton, who built an operations center near his hometown on the western branch (now called Mamaroneck River). It later changed hands multiple times before coming into ownership by newer families beginning around 1690; these days, you can enjoy hiking trails fishing spots along with events like concerts held here each summer.

The Saxon Woods Park is a great place to spend an afternoon with friends and family. There are 18-holes of golf, miniature courses too. The swimming pool makes it easy for people of all abilities (including kids) to enjoy themselves while they’re here. There’s even disabled accessibility on one side. Everyone can play together equally without any worries or concerns about how their disability might affect them while playing in this environment where others could be affected by theirs if not adequately cared off before entering such areas.

The southern section of the park is connected to its upland wooded northern counterpart through a well-maintained trail system. This park characterizes an area filled with mature hardwoods forests that provide ample hiking, cross country skiing, and horseback riding opportunities for visitors alike.

The entire system extends from the Hutchinson River Parkway to Maple Moor Golf Course and contains archeologically sensitive areas. It also links up with Colonial Greenway, Leatherstocking Trail (a National Scenic Trails Conservancy site), Twin Lakes Park as well an off-road bicycle path for bikers who want more than just bike lanes on their commute.

The people of White Plains, New York are encouraged to join the Swim Across America and participate in a charity swim at Saxon Woods pool this summer. A table for information will be available on weekends from June through July. It can also offer tips about how people with cancer should go about their treatment plan or talk honestly about what they’re going through without feeling embarrassed whatsoever.

Saxon Woods Park’s fun-filled pool complexes are the perfect place for your child’s particular birthday party. Allow them to make new friends and enjoy themselves while you relax with family or join in on some water sports. A memorable event doesn’t always require an expensive cake; sometimes, all that is required of us as parents is giving our children opportunities like these–to celebrate life moments without being confined inside someone else’s idea about how things should be done.

Visit the Saxon Woods Park at 1800 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains, NY 10605.

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