The Rosedale neighborhood in New York is a popular and expensive area, with the median property price being $1M+. This makes it more costly than 84% of other neighborhoods across New York – but you get what you pay for.

What is the average rental price in Rosedale? Well, it’s currently $3,493. That might seem like a lot for just one bedroom (and frankly, you can find cheaper), but when we compare this neighborhood with other New York areas, its cost tends to be higher than 84%.

When you think of the best places in America to live, Rosedale might not be at or near the top. It’s a suburban neighborhood located in White Plains and has one of its attractions being that there are plenty of things for residents can enjoy, like great schools with excellent ratings.

The picturesque Rosedale neighborhood is one of the most desirable places in White Plains to live with its large homes and plenty of space. The Rosedale area has many single-family houses but also includes some townhomes for those who prefer living on smaller streets while keeping their value high over time. Most residents own their property which means they can enjoy peace knowing that no matter how many other people might be living next door, there will always only seem like yours when you look out onto such beautiful views from your private balcony.

The residents of this neighborhood are fortunate to live in an area that has seen so much development. The homes here were built between 1970 and 1999, but not all at once – many different eras can be found throughout the stretch; for example, Rosedale proper spans from 1940’s up through 1990s style architecture with some Victorian Chateaus thrown into the mix as well.

The Rosedale area has a lower than average rate of home and apartment vacancies. This means that there are fewer available properties for people looking to live in this neighborhood, but it still beats out many other places around the country by quite comfortably having fewer empty nesters on their doorstep.

When you have a high percentage of adults with advanced degrees, it is clear that this neighborhood thrives in many ways. For example, 40% or more have achieved post-graduate studies, and they still outshine others around America. There are so many things to like about the Rosedale section, including how well educated its residents are on average.

The Rosedale neighborhood is a place where people live happily together, often linked by marriage or love. The concentration here of married couples with school-aged children suggests that this community has both stability and continuity – which can be terrific for those looking to build their lives on strong foundations. 

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