The median house price in the Ridgeway neighborhood is $824,741, which makes it more expensive than 75% of neighborhoods across New York and 91% of U.S. neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home, the Ridgeway neighborhood is one that will set your transaction apart from others.

With an average rental price of $3,388 dollars a month, it’s no wonder that most people can’t afford to live in this area. The cost for rent here is higher than 82% percent of other neighborhoods across New York.

In case you’re looking for a safe and quiet suburban neighborhood, Ridgeway is the place. It has some of White Plains‘ most desirable properties with their own private backyard or patio.

The Ridgeway neighborhood has a variety of housing options. There are small, medium-sized homes with three or four bedrooms to large apartments that may house up to five people – not just because they’re big but also due to their high ceilings and open layouts, which make them feel bigger than life. The most common type here seems like it will be owner-occupied properties, so if you want your own space, this would likely suit what your need at any given time.

This neighborhood is home to many well-established older neighborhoods. Built between 1940 and 1969, these homes have seen their fair share of politics in the past century. A number were also constructed between 1970-1999 but most notably during this time period because it has been so long since then that we’ve seen any new construction here on Ridgeway.

A lot has changed about our world over sixty-five years–but there are some things which never change: people wanting more space; good schools within walking distance (or bike ride) from every house); excellent public transportation making life easier for those who work outside city limits.

The people in this community are some of the wealthiest and most well-respected around. They live a life filled with luxury, maintaining their property values over time just as they keep up on everything else. The cars driven here tend to be exclusively high-end brands like Mercedes or Audi, which shows how much these homeowners care about making an impression when driving down the streets.

The Ridgeway neighborhood is a place where you can find executives, managers, and professionals alike. What makes this area so special? The high proportion of such educated people relative to other neighborhoods in America.

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