The median home price on Old Mamaroneck Rd / Soundview Ave is $752,642, which makes it more expensive than 70% of New York neighborhoods and 89.6 percent across America.

The cost of renting a home on Old Mamaroneck Rd is lower than 46.0% of New York neighborhoods, making it an excellent choice for those who are on tight budgets. The Old Mamaroneck Rd / Soundview Ave average rental price is currently $2,539 – but this could change when we factor in the cost of living adjustments. In any case, it would still likely represent an affordable option given its location and relative affordability compared to other neighborhoods around New York.

This urban neighborhood is located in White Plains, New York area. It has a population density that corresponds to its location as an inner-city district for many people living there who work or go to school on Old Mamaroneck Rd / Soundview Ave.

The real estate on the Old Mamaroneck Rd / Soundview Ave neighborhood is mostly medium-sized homes with three or four bedrooms. There are also some large houses that can be found nearby, but most residents live in single-family compounds where they have plenty of space for their families to grow.

The Old Mamaroneck Rd / Soundview Ave neighborhood is a primarily residential street, with an excellent school district and plenty of space for children to play outside. Homeowners on this stretch enjoy tree-lined streets that are quiet at night but offer easy access into downtown White Plains just minutes away by car.

The residents of the Old Mamaroneck Rd / Soundview Ave neighborhood are mostly homeowners. Many homes in this area were built between 1940 and 1969, and some even go back as early as 1939. There has been a lot going on around here since then: new buildings & renovations; people coming into town from outside regions or elsewhere within NY State… But one thing’s constant – you’ll find many families living their best lives right at home with plenty of space for everyone who loves them.

The real estate market in Old Mamaroneck Rd / Soundview Ave is fairly competitive, which means buyers should expect some resistance when trying to purchase a property. This also signals that prices may increase or new construction could be coming soon for this neighborhood.

The difference between a neighborhood full of executives and professionals versus one where most residents are blue-collar workers can be seen in how they live, work or play. In the Old Mamaroneck Rd / Soundview Ave area, there are more high-level representatives than 98% percent of other neighborhoods across America. This sets them apart from their surroundings which makes each person stand out as unique while also showing off some really interesting things about our society when looked at through different lenses.

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