TheĀ  North St / Westchester Ave area is a suburban neighborhood in White Plains, New York. It has been ranked by population density as one of the most desirable places to live, with plenty of opportunities for residents and businesses alike.

The median home value in North St / Westchester Ave is $692,097, which makes it more expensive than 60% of neighborhoods across New York and 72% of U.S. neighborhoods.

What a great neighborhood. The North St / Westchester Ave average rental price is currently $1,712. Rents here are less expensive than 65% of New York neighborhoods, and you get all the benefits too – like quick access for work or school, plenty of parks nearby with activities planned every weeknight until late night hours so residents can enjoy themselves without worrying about their kids getting bored at home alone while they’re working hard elsewhere); excellent schools which will ensure that children grow up learning how to socially interact well through playing games together after class.

The North St / Westchester Ave community is a neighborhood that includes both single-family homes and apartment complexes. The residential communities on this stretch of the road tend to be small, with the majority containing only 1 or 2 bedrooms per unit; however, there are some rare cases that can accommodate up to four people (if they’re lucky).

North St./ Westchester Ave is a great community for homebuyers of all types, from the smallest studio apartments to large families in need or multiple bedrooms – there’s something here that will fit your needs.

What’s the scoop on residential real estate in this part of town? It seems like nearly all homes here are owner-occupied, with many being older and well-established. A number were built between 1940 – 1969, while another handful dates back even further into prehistory. And yes: I know that may make your head spin a little but don’t worry because there is still plenty happening across from North St / Westchester Ave where you’ll find new condos for sale or rent.

The North St / Westchester Ave home and apartment vacancy rates are lower than 55.6% of neighborhoods across America, which is considered average for this statistic type compared to other cities or towns near us here within New York State.

When people in this neighborhood are at home with their families, the most common language they prefer to speak in English. Other important languages include Spanish and German/Yiddish, which account for a combined total of 23% of households here.

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