Mount Pleasant and Armonk, New York, share the Kensico Reservoir, which is located between the municipalities of Armonk and North Castle, and Valhalla and Mount Pleasant, New York. Built in 1885, the historic earth and gravel dam at Kensico created a reservoir that held water from the Bronx and Byram rivers and provided around 18 million gallons of water per day.

It wasn’t until 1915 that a new masonry dam was built, which not only replaced the old one but also increased the water supply by transporting water from the Catskill Mountains across a distance of more than 100 miles. It is located around 3 miles (5 kilometers) north of downtown White Plains, New York, and approximately 15 miles (24 kilometers) north of New York City’s downtown area.

The reservoir is primarily used to retain water that is obtained from the Catskill Mountains, which are located west of the Hudson River. It is one of only three reservoirs within the Catskill/Delaware system that is not located within the Catskill Mountains region, the other two being the West Branch Reservoir and Boyds Corner Reservoir.

The Kensico Reservoir also offers fishing and boating opportunities for enjoyment. Every year, more than 2,000 brown trout are added to the reservoir’s population. Following a stocking by the Department of Environmental Conservation in April 2016, the Kensico Reservoir was stocked with 8,620 brown trout measuring 8.5 to 9.5 inches (22 to 24 cm) in length.

The dam is currently being used as a public park. Throughout the year, Westchester County hosts public movie screenings in the park at Kensico Dam Plaza. There are spaces for picnicking, rollerblading, walking, and environmental study, and the park provides a unique location for a diverse range of activities such as ethnic festivities, concerts, antique exhibits, and arts and craft shows, as well as picnicking, in-line skating, and walking trails.

At the Kensico Dam Plaza, you can participate in a variety of recreational activities. Every year, there is a Fourth of July celebration that includes fireworks, food trucks, and live music. Because of the large number of people who attend this event every year, carpooling is highly suggested. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the event, nearby streets such as Columbus Avenue, where many other souvenirs for the general public are sold, are closed down. In addition, there is an annual festival called Winter Wonderland, which features food trucks, rides, and other attractions on a daily basis, such as an ice-skating rink, that takes place in December.

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