When you think of great wines, do they come to mind? If so, then congratulations. You’ve just been introduced to the company that wishes it could be remembered as much for its exceptional quality and value. Grapes The Wine Company will always provide what their customers need to drink something delicious without spending an arm or leg doing so.

Founded in the fall of 1997, Grapes The Wine Company strives to offer excellent quality and price wines. With a wide variety of tastes, they have become one of America’s favorite wineries. The wine company is committed to providing its customers with the finest and rarest wines worldwide. Grapes the Wine Company has a growing network of relationships in all regions, which gives them access to new releases and some vintage treasures that may be hard to find elsewhere.

Daniel Posner, the owner,  is one of the most influential wine retailers in America, featured and quoted by famous publications such as The New York Times. He has also been referred to as a “wine guru” for his knowledge of beverages, from Cognac bottles to vintage wines.

Situated at 731 N Broadway, White Plains, NY 10603, Grapes The Wine Company is a White Plains store with cubby-holed walls showcasing over 1,500 bottles of wine from vineyards throughout the world. The local connoisseurs can find an extensive selection to complement their taste buds and enhance any occasion with something special for themselves or as gifts.

Grapes The Wine Company is a Westchester-based shop awarded “Best Store In Our Area” for over ten years. They have an extensive wine and whisky list with wines from all over the world, including some you won’t find anywhere else. Grape offers unique blends and single-vineyard bottles, so there will be something new every time you visit this store. Westchester’s best wine shop is Grapes the Wine Company, where you can find anything from offbeat blends in Australia to cabernet sauvignons made in the south of France.

Visit their tasting room and enjoy fine wines at an affordable value. You’ll never have to worry about prices because we carry only high-quality, rare bottles for your enjoyment. The best way to give a gift card is by giving someone the option of what they want. With Grapes The Wine Company’s online store, you can purchase any item and enter an amount for your friend, so they will know how much cash is being put on hold at any given time. 

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