Give Your Entryway the Life it Deserves with a New Paint Job

When it comes to beautifying the home, foyers and entryways don’t seem to get enough attention. After all, they simply serve as transitions from the entrance to another room. However, foyers and entryways are one of the first things guests see when they come inside your house. Thus, choosing the right colors can help establish a welcoming mood. 

The great thing about foyer painting is that there are many ways you can incorporate different colors. Neutral shades such as gray or beige are typical choices, but you don’t have to stick to that scheme. If you’re looking for entryway painting ideas, here are some you can try out:

Crisp and Clean

If you don’t want something too drastic for your foyer or entryway, white is always a great option. This color works exceptionally well if you want a clean and crisp contrast to hardwood floors or railings. White also exudes both elegance and simplicity, which can give older houses a modern touch-up. Additionally, smaller foyers or entryways can look much brighter, breezier, and roomier when painted mostly in white. 

Because of its versatile nature, white paint can be paired with practically any theme or color. You can play around with a Boho-Scandi theme, rustic themes with rattan furniture or decor, white marble, or even a theme inspired by piano keys.  

Living in Luxury

For those who are more inclined to the dark side, the good news is that black also makes a great color for foyers or entryways. When used creatively and skilfully, black can have a bold, stunning, and luxurious effect. Where and how you incorporate black paint in your foyer or entryway will make all the difference between a stylish and classy spot or one that’s drab or even foreboding.

Unlike white, black only goes well with certain colors, such as gold, light gray, or lightwood finishes. Glossy black paint can reflect light off its surface, making your foyer or entryway look a little brighter. Matte black finishes will work well with shimmering golds or as backgrounds to large and colorful art pieces. 

Seaside Wonder

Navy is a rich and classic color that can invoke visions of the seaside when used for your foyer or entryway. Used alone, navy can give off a rather moody vibe, but it can brighten up a room or spot when combined with other lighter colors like white or grayish blue. One example is when you have a striped navy wall. Not only does this look pleasing to the eyes, but it can work well with seaside or boat-inspired accents such as light-colored mooring ropes, anchors, or lifesavers. 

You can also use off-white patterns on navy walls, which can range from simple to intricate. Depending on the patterns you choose, your foyer or entryway can look chic and modern, or beautifully vintage. 

Warm and Welcoming

Red is used sparingly in most homes, but it can be an amazing choice when you want to emphasize warmth and earthiness. As the main color of your foyer or entryway, red can be used with both darker and lighter colors, especially if they’re also within the sphere of warm shades. Dark wood coupled with yellowish accents can have a romantic feel, while pairing red with white thresholds, floors, and curtains can invoke a more modern but classy look. 

Depending on the shade of red you use, a carefully chosen contrasting element, like a bright blue rug, can create a vibe that resembles a modern art gallery.

One With Nature

Certain shades of green are typically associated with feelings of relaxation, especially if they’re close to the kind of green found in nature. This makes wooden accents a natural complement. For a modern or minimalist look, white or beige accents will help brighten up a green foyer or entryway. If you want something more vintage or elegant, dark yellow patterns or gold furniture can give this space an air of royalty.

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Paint Your Entryway 

Foyer painting might look easy at first glance, but as with anything related to the home, you need a professional’s touch to make sure it’s done right. While going the DIY route might save you a few dollars, entryway painting done by a pro remains a worthwhile expense because of the following reasons: 

Produces Quality Work

Professional painters are specially trained in their job, thus leading to better quality work. Keep in mind that painting home interiors is more than a matter of just slathering paint on the walls. Professional painters may have to use primers, several coats of paint, and a special type of finish, so your walls will have the effect you want. Not only do they know which paint works best, but professional painters are also knowledgeable about how to keep the paint from chipping and cracking. Additionally, they know how to approach hard-to-reach areas without damaging any of your belongings. 

Saves Time

Another benefit of hiring professional painters is that you’re able to save time. If you really think about it, this is similar to saving money since you’ll be able to focus on your work while you let professional painters complete the job in a way that’s better, faster, and more efficient. 

They Have the Complete Tools and Materials 

Even if you go the DIY route, this doesn’t mean that you should scrimp on the tools and materials you’ll use for painting. After all, spending hundreds of dollars on wall paint only to apply them with a dollar-store brush isn’t going to yield the best results. Save yourself the trouble of buying expensive tools by hiring professional painters since they already have all the materials needed to finish the project. 

A Rainbow of Choices

While they may be sometimes overlooked, foyers and entryways are just as important as any part of the house. When it comes to sprucing up this area, there are lots of colors that you can play around with. Whatever you choose, be sure to hire a professional painter to get the job done. Not only will this save time, money, and effort, but it also ensures that your foyer or entryway will look the best it can be.

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